Our Story

I am the owner + candle maker, the office + social media manager, the package shipper + photographer, and the official dreamer + goal setter! I am a lover of home, of creating a space that is inviting and welcoming, of cozy spaces + bright sunlit rooms. Foam in my coffee + cloudy skies + a beautiful sunrise/sunset + a heavenly scented candle never fail to bring me joy!

The idea/dream of owning a candle shop started decades ago. My dad and I used to talk about owning a candle business and when I was in 4th grade he took me to look at one that was for sale. After all of those years, the idea never really faded. After I graduated college, I was looking for a hobby to fill my evenings and naturally candles were the first thing that came to mind. I took some old/half burned candles, found some wax melts (to use as the “scent”), melted them down in a crock pot and poured them in a mason jar - and that was the start of what would later become Ellery Mae Candle Co.!

Ellery Mae Candle Co. is named in honor of my late Grandmother, Edna Mae, who instilled in me a love of handmade goods. (Mae for her + Ellery because I happened across the name and loved it!) Fun fact: she won 1st place at a county fair for her handmade candle!

The fern in my logo has three leaves, one for me as the founder, one in honor of my Grandmother, and one for my Dad. The fern is a reminder of where I come from and the people who have influenced me in such meaningful ways, it’s also a symbol of growth and new life - a reminder to never stop learning and growing each and every day.


Each candle is hand poured with 100% all natural soy wax, pure cotton wicks, and the highest quality fragrance & essential oils to create a clean, long lasting, eco-friendly burn. Each candle is crafted with timeless fragrances that will fill your home & hopefully spark a sense of comfort/peace + maybe even a sense of nostalgia.

Candle info:

4oz : 15+ hr. burn time

12oz : 70+ hr. burn time

Wax Tart Melt: 6-8 hr “burn” time

100% all natural soy wax

Non-Toxic + Phthalate free

cotton wicks

100% dye-free

Reusable glass jar + lid

Hand poured in Arizona