Carrot Cake - Limited Edition, Wax Melt
Carrot Cake - Limited Edition, Wax Melt

Carrot Cake - Limited Edition, Wax Melt

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C A R R O T  C A K E :

freshly baked, spiced carrot cake + topped with tangy whipped cream cheese frosting

*this scent is a limited edition Easter scent and will only be available until April 17th.


D E T A I L S :

+ 3oz wax tart melt
+ 8+ hr. "burn" time per cube
+ All natural soy wax
+ Phthalate free fragrance
+ 100% dye-free
+ Hand poured in Arizona

Scent profile: fruity + floral
Recommended room size: small-large


T H E  D E T A I L S + H O W  T O ' S:

Wax melts are a great alternative to candles when you want to scent your home or work space with out an open flame! Wax melts (or tarts) are not burned, they are melted using an electric warmer.

To use: Simply pop out a cube (or two), turn your warmer on, and as it heats up, the wax melts and releases the fragrance! Fragrance will last at full strength for a minimum of 8 hours. When the wax is no longer putting off a scent, simply empty the remaining wax into the garbage (never dump down the sink/drains), and replace with a fresh cube. 

*our wax melts are compatible with any wax warmer.  


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