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C A R  D I F F U S E R :

Softly scent your car with this minimalist style wooden diffuser. Simply tip the bottle for 1-2 seconds to saturate the wood + string. Hang in your rearview mirror + enjoy as the scent diffuses through the wooden lid + string!

Diffusers are currently available in the following scents:

+ Capri : tropical fruits + sugared citrus + hint of mountain greens
+ White Tea : mandarine + bergamot + jasmine blossoms + white tea buds
+ Cozy Cabin : crisp fall air + sweet amber + white cedarwood + hints of spice + warm vanilla
+ Spiced Cider : red honeycrisp apples + cinnamon spice + clove + nutmeg + hints of sliced orange peel
+ Pumpkin + Apple : brown sugar glazed apples + pumpkin puree + cinnamon + clove+ nutmeg blend together with hints of honey + pure maple syrup
+ Christmas Hearth : sliced oranges + cinnamon + ginger + clove fuse together with fresh pine + fir + a subtle earthy smokiness
+ Sweater Weather : fresh crisp air + cooling spearmint + sweet winter berries + pine needles + hints of moss + vanilla


H O W  T O :

Unscrew wooden cap + remove plastic stopper. Replace cap (careful not to over tighten) + gently tip the bottle over for a few seconds to saturate the wood + string. Hang in your rearview mirror + enjoy! 

*invert as needed to re-saturate the wood + refresh the scent. Tip slowly to avoid leaking. If a leak does occur, wipe oil from affected surface immediately. 

Each car diffuser comes packaged in a stamped canvas bag + includes an instruction card

++Check out the "how to" videos below for a demonstrated version of the instructions:




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